To mark the 25th anniversary of independence of Azerbaijan on October 18, 2016 the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Mexico took place commemorative dinner. The event was attended by deputies of the Chamber of Deputies of the Mexican Congress and are members of the group of friendship Mexico-Azerbaijan and Dra. Elsa Espinosa, Undersecretary of International Affairs CEN who has a great reputation among the representatives of the community and the media

In the event, the Charge d'Affaires Ms. Samadova welcomed the guests and spoke about the heroism of our people to overcome the obstacles encountered on the road to independence, the path of development by implementing the wishes and intentions over 25 years, she spoke about the achievements in the years of independence the guests were shown a video presentation on Azerbaijan.

Later there was discussion with the guests on the expected end of "the problem of  Nagorno-Karabakh" and to eliminate this problem the need to unite all progressive forces of the world and make a common effort for peace and welfare of all humanity.


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