Friday 28 October 2016 the renowned Mexican sculptor Jorge Marin opened at the Exhibition Centre in Baku Heydar Aliyev Azerbaijan capital of his exibition titled "The Reconstruction of the Being". With this exhibition Jorge Marin becomes the first Latin American sculptor to bring his work to this area of ​​the world and the second American artist to exhibit at the Aliyev Center after Andy Warhol, who played a crucial role in the birth and development of pop art in art history. The exhibition The Reconstruction of the Being consists of 10 monumental bronzes size that invite reflection on the processes of building the personality; and explore the concept of the body as a vehicle through which we connect with the world, we look at the environment and generate memory. In this exhibition Jorge Marin makes an exercise of introspection on the mind and personality as the sum of fragments that make us human. Marin explores the constant construction and deconstruction of being; the body as his means of contact with the other and with oneself. Their wings reaffirm the message to go beyond the limits.

The Reconstruction of the Being will be present, until April 2017, at the epicenter of cultural and artistic life of Azerbaijan, Aliyev Center, located in the building designed by architect Saha Hadid (1959 -2016), who was the first woman to win the Pritzker architecture prize and left a huge legacy in deconstructivist architecture.

It is a spectacular building considered one of the most important architectural works of our time with the sculptural work of Jorge Marin initiate a profound dialogue between man and space. The presence of the work of sculptor Jorge Marin in Azerbaijan means a bridge between the two countries: his, Mexico and Azerbaijan, which is distant and alien but which essentially shared the human being.

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